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We offer 5 one or two-day onsite workshops!

Are you looking to engage your team or group in an onsite learning event?  We can bring the learning to you with our training workshops that cover essential workplace topics that will help your team to work and collaborate more effectively. 

1 Day

Communicating with Clarity and Impact

This energetic workshop focuses on the most essential communication skills needed for the challenging and competitive working environment of today. It starts off with a fun exercise that will put the listening skills of your class participants to the test and lay the groundwork for many of the concepts throughout the program. From active listening to properly utilizing the power of questions and using language that engages others. Participants will learn a communication model that will enable them to communicate more clearly, confidently, and effectively, build better rapport and improve their overall communication with others.

2 Days

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is inevitable, we've all had conflict situations in the past and probably will have them in the future. This two day conflict resolution workship will teach you or help you teach others how to more confidently deal with workplace conflict situations. Participants will discover how conflict situations can be turned around into opportunities, they will explore and practice a conflict resolution process to more successfully handle workplace conflict.

2 Days

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making

This highly interactive workshop introduces a variety of creative problem solving and decision making tools and techniques. Participants will learn to analyze problems, generate creative solutions, and decide which solution most closely matches their needs.

In addition to the numerous activities and exercises throughout the workshop where participants get to practice the different tools and techniques learned, they will also apply the learning and their problem solving skills on an interesting case study that will take them back to the days of Ancient Egypt and building the great pyramids!

2 Days

Lead Motivate and Inspire - Leadership Skills Training

The best leaders have the ability to share their vision with passion and commitment, giving their people a purpose and challenge they are willing to embrace and carry on to achieve amazing results.

This two day activity based workshop will empower you as a leader in bringing out the best in yourself and others by exploring the most critical success factors of strong leadership that will help you bring your people together, motivate, energize and inspire them to their full potential to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

2 Days

Vision, Energy and Passion to Serve

Always putting your customer at the center of your business creates a service driven culture. The best and most successful businesses clearly understood this fact.

This two day customer service training workshop will motivate participants to becoming more customer focused and more passionate about delivering outstanding service by understanding the logical and emotional motivations of a customer to buy or continue using a service.

Participants will learn how to become more flexible communicators who are able to engage better with customers and portray energy, commitment and ownership in each customer interaction. This two day program will energize your staff to deliver world class service that leaves customers with a lasting positive impression.

If you are interested in any of our onsite workshops, contact us for more details!